Moss Landing is GROOOOWWWing!

If you are one of the many folks who have enjoyed our log cabins during the last few years, but thought it would be REALLY great to have a family reunion IF ONLY there were more cabins and beds…………get ready………….it’s happening!!!!

We are in the process of building 2 more lovely little cottages, each with a queen bed you and a hide-a-bed for the kids.  We’ll be posting some construction photos for those who appreciate seeing the process.  I’m not sure exactly when they will be online, but I’ll keep everyone up to date.  February is a big month in Ocean Shores, so it would be great to have them available by then.

Just check back often.  Maybe you’ll be the very first person to stay in Captain’s Quarters or Sea Haven!  Also, I think we might put a fire pit out there to roast some marshmallows and build Smores!  WooHoo!

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Publish Your Ocean Shores Vacation!

Old DockThe vacation’s over, the bags are unpacked, the camera with all your fabulous vacation pics is up on the shelf.  Feeling a little let down?  A little post-vacation blues?  Never fear, we’ve found a way to extend the fun and even to share it with your friends!

Whether you spent a couple of nights at Moss Landing, or you were lucky enough to have a whole week, I bet you got some great pictures, had some adventures, and took home a few nice memories.  Rather than just putting it all behind you and getting back to the daily grind, why not take a few minutes, put fingers to keyboard, and write something amazing about your time in Ocean Shores?  Why not attach a few pictures, think of a creative name for your own personal vacation story, and email it to the Mosses???

We would LOVE to publish your vacation story on our blog.  If you’re not really much of a writer, that’s okay too, because I’m a pretty good editor.  Just send me your draft (up to 500 words – more or less) and up to 4 pictures, and within a few days – voila!  YOU ARE PUBLISHED!

The rules are simple:

1.  You have to have stayed at Moss Landing in Ocean Shores (you’d think that’s a no-brainer, but still….)

2.  You add a statement to your email giving me the right to correct typos and publish your story and photographs on this blog. 

3.  You shoot off your email to me with your story and photos to:

Now when you brag to your friends about what a cool place you found to vacation – you can show them the proof!  Just send them the link.  Who knows, after you do a little writing, you might be inspired to start your own blog!  The next Mark Twain????

Happy Trails!

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Sun’s Out, Surf’s Up!

Old Pier at Ocean Shores

Remnants of a Pier

After a long and (admittedly) dreary winter, the sun has finally arrived!  School is out and the Ocean Shores beaches are singing their siron song.  But our happy campers aren’t being lured to their doom — instead we’re calling you to come and enjoy the beauty and serenity of our lovely town.  Whether you’re a beach comber, wind surfer, or you prefer enjoying the weather from your own personal hot tub, we’ve got you covered!

Ship's Quarters Interior

Ship's Quarters Interior

Come and stay at Moss Landing and enjoy everything Ocean Shores has to offer.  Who wouldn’t love to spend a few days in a nautically decorated log cabin?  Weekends always rent up quickly, but now that school’s out, mid-week trips are getting popular, so make your reservations soon.

The sunshine and the surf wait for no one!

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Cabin Ahoy! A Unique Vacation Spot

Moss Landing at Ocean Shores

Moss Landing Cabins at Ocean Shores

Well, Moss Landing has been in existence since 2009, and we have an excellent property manager, but we wanted to have our own website.  We don’t plan to actually run the business from here, but we wanted to be able to write about everything there is to love about Ocean Shores, tell stories about our building of the cabins, and just let everyone know what a great place it is to vacation.  Take a few minutes to click on each of the headings.  We have some of the best prices and amenities to be had in the area.  Come and enjoy!

As time goes on, we hope to have local businesses showcased with pictures and information.  There are so many wonderful people in Ocean Shores that a blog/website combination seemed the right thing to do.

So, if you enjoy the site, please do share it with your friends.  Ocean Shores is our home, and it’s a FABULOUS place to vacation, so you might as well enjoy it from the comfort of a log cabin!

Let the Adventure Begin!!!  Reservations & Info:  MossLanding

P.S. We’re the Moss Landing in Washington.  Don’t get us confused with the one in California.  You’ll really get lost!

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Ocean Shores Vacation – In a Log Cabin!

Moss Landing at Ocean Shores

Moss Landing Cabins at Ocean Shores

If you’re looking for an original idea for a nice long weekend, AND you like the beach, AND you like ships, AND you like log cabins, we have the place for you! — if, that is, you can find your way to a lovely little peninsula called Ocean Shores, Washington.

Rocky Beach

Rocky Beach

Moss Landing Cabins are located down on the tip of Ocean Shores, just a block from a pristine beach that is the playground for a pair of bald eagles.  Photo opportunities abound down around the beach. 

Bald Eagle in Ocean Shores

Bald Eagle on the beach at Ocean Shores

Take your camera and try your luck.  Don’t forget the “chuck-it” for your dog, either.  There’s lots of room out there for your four-legged friends to stretch their legs too.

If you call early enough, you can have your choice of two elegant, nautically decorated log cabins.  Both cabins have two bedrooms on the main floor.  Both have hot tubs on the porch, full kitchens, and a nice fireplace.

Ship's Quarters at Moss Landing

Ship's Quarters at Moss Landing

The larger of the two cabins is called “Ship’s Quarters.”  There is a loft in the cabin that features a nice flat screen television with a DVD/VCR combo unit and a very comfortable futon that provides extra sleeping “quarters” if needed.  You do access the loft by a ladder, so be aware of that if you have little ones who may try to climb up the ladder.  There are no guards on the loft to keep keep your younger shipmates from falling, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

For more photos of Ship’s Quarters, check out the tab at the top of the website called – ta!da! — Ship’s Quarters!

Wind Dancer Cabin

Wind Dancer at Moss Landing

Nestled in close beside her “big sister” is a single-story log cabin that takes elegance to a new height.  This one was fondly named “Wind Dancer” after one of my favorite pirate books.  I’ve only seen it snow one time in Ocean Shores, but here’s the proof that it can happen!  Wind Dancer is exceptionally beautiful inside, and it has a larger hot tub on the porch from which to enjoy the natural beauty, the amazing sky, and the sound of the surf.

Like Ship’s Quarters, this little gem has its own page full of pictures as well.  So get busy planning your vacation by the sea!

Make your reservations by calling At the Beach Rentals at 1-888-702-3224 or 1-800-303-4297.  Email Tammy or Danielle at and ask them for more information on the Moss Landing Cabins….or….you can also get more detailed information and see LOTS MORE PICTURES by visiting our reservations website at MossLanding.

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