Meet the Mosses

Tom Moss – Owner of Moss Landing Cabins

From Tom:  When I left Burbank, California in 1956 at the tender age of 17 to join the U. S. Coast Guard, I had no idea where I was headed.  That soon changed as I found myself on a train to Seattle and finally on a plane to Alaska…..WOW!  Let the adventure begin!  I spent my entire four-year enlistment in Alaska, received my discharge from the Coast Guard in Juneau, Alaska, and stayed for a total of 24 years.  My first son was born in 1959, the year Alaska became the 49th state.  So much for “Seward’s Folly.”   You could say that I grew up in the “Land of the Midnight Sun”…..”The Last Frontier” with a love of the sea that will remain with me for the rest of my life.  I developed my career for Civil Engineering drafting and design as well as construction and land development in Alaska.  This carried me through until I retired in 2005.  
Sonja and I discovered Ocean Shores in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the natural beauty of the surrounding ocean and the abundance of wildlife throughout the peninsula.  We soon bought property at the southern end of the Ocean Shores peninsula, a block from the beach.  Over the next five years we discussed many ideas and plans for our land and decided on three cabins for vacation rentals and, eventually, our permanent home.  Sonja is from West Virginia and has always had a dream of having a log cabin…..sometimes dreams come true.  I was searching the internet one day and came across a web site for “Conestoga Log Cabins”…..needless to say, Sonja was delighted.  Needless to say, we started some serious planning and had our first cabin built by spring of 2009.  One year later, our second cabin was completed…..Sonja had her dream, not only one, but two cabins.  She had more fun than a grown woman ought to have decorating and furnishing both cabins for our guests at “Moss Landing” vacation rentals.  We are now planning the third cabin with shop/garage (more shop than garage for me!) for our home.  What better place to live out our days than in Ocean Shores by the sea. If you ever contact Conestoga Log Cabins, tell Steve Campbell that the Mosses said hello!

Sonja – wife and co-owner of Moss Landing Cabins

From Sonja: Growing up in rural West Virginia coal-mine country, I had no idea that I would be moving all the way across the country to find whatever it was that I was looking for.  I only knew that I didn’t want to stay where I was.  One thing I did know was that I REALLY wanted a log cabin.  For years, I had a picture of a log cabin taped to the top cover of a steno-pad.  When the pad was full, I tore off the cover with my picture on it and carried it through all the moves to all the states I “visited” on my quest to find “home.”

 After living briefly in Louisiana, Florida, and Arkansas, I had a chance to “go west” in the greatest adventure to date.  In 1985, I took off from Arkansas in a 1977 Datsun B210 with a slipping clutch, pulling a “vintage” pop-up tent.  Coming from the hills of West Virginia, California sounded nearly as exotic to me as the islands of Hawaii, and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to see it.  So, with $700 in my pocket, I headed out.    I coasted into Huron, California with my clutch burning and barely enough money to fix it and rent a room.  Once it was replaced, I was pointed to the nearest “civilization” — Fresno – 60 miles that-a-way!  Nine years later, the gypsy urges hit me again, and I ended up in Las Vegas where I met Tom, the love of my life.  It was so very nice to have a willing cohort to go adventuring with!

 Twenty years or so after I set off on my cross-country adventure, Tom and I found Ocean Shores.  I thought that it must be the most pristine, beautiful place a normal person could ever afford!  Log Cabins and ocean – what a perfect mix!  Once we found the Conestoga website and decided to build cabins, I knew that they had to be extraordinary.  By picturing everything that I would want in a romantic getaway, it was just a matter of finding all the things to match my vision.  While Tom is the unsurpassed expert when it comes to design and construction, I got to do the furnishing and décor.  A tough job, I know, but someone had to do it!  We had a definite “feel” in mind for the cabins, a blend of nautical and rustic, but comfortably elegant.  I think we’ve managed to surpass my original dream completely, not only once, but twice!

Note to our guests:  If you’d like to send us a story (and pictures, please!) about your stay at Moss Landing, we’d be happy to publish it on our blog.  You can contact us at

Let the Adventure Begin!


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  1. Joe says:

    Yeah sis….what a wonderful story…do you know your nieces think you are like a magical being? I can give you their email accounts and facebook pages. I know you have been wonderfully connected to Monica but guess what? You have 2 other nieces that want to know all about their super-human aunt.

    Amanda and Emily-ann would like to know you. They are rather clever little ladies…I think you would like them. Amanda’s birthday is Sept 17….she is one of us…..Emily-ann is a June girl….she just loves us Virgo’s though.. Here is an invitation….your nieces want so much to get to know their aunt. They were not overly impressed with Rich as an uncle but….that is just kids…

    They are now young ladies…they are smart and clever and they both remind me of you in different ways. Look them up and connect….I think you will be pleased…they are the most clever little ladies I have ever met.

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