Snowy Owls Meet Moss Landing Guests in Ocean Shores

Snowy Owl Takes Flight

Snowy Owl Taking Flight

Moss Landing Cabins guests, Trish and Tammy, took this amazing photograph on their beach walk out to Damon Point the first week in February. Everyone knows that Ocean Shores is known for its amazing wildlife, but this photo just took my breath away.

The Snowy Owls will probably be gone sometime in April, so if you want to try your luck at photographing these beautiful creatures, you should make your vacation plans sooner rather than later. Just be careful to show them the respect and consideration they deserve and don’t let your dogs or kids get close or scare them. They are nesting and their habitat is fragile.

I’ve lived here full time for less than two years, and I’m constantly amazed at the different ways beauty shows its lovely face here.

About mosslandingoceanshores

Several years ago, we were fortunate enough to discover Ocean Shores and purchased a piece of property near the ocean at the southern tip of the Ocean Shores peninsula. We decided EVERYONE should experience the beauty of Ocean Shores firsthand, so we built two log cabins, fixed them up with everything you need to REALLY enjoy your vacation, and now they're available as vacation rentals for a private getaway or for a family reunion. We now live in Ocean Shores, and we couldn't be happier.
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