Sunshine at the Beach


No, that’s not a misprint. Sunshine…Ocean Shores…wintertime. Believe it or not, Ocean Shores has been enjoying a fabulously sunny winter.

Last year, I was desperately seeking sunshine and even had my doubts about the decision Tom and I had made to move into one of our vacation cabins and manage the others.

When I was trying to keep my cleaning supplies and sheets and towels dry while braving the rain and wind to get the cabins ready for guests, I wasn’t sure ANYONE would want to come to Ocean Shores in the winter.

But come they did! I saw kids hunting Easter Eggs in a storm that I thought would have blown them right over. Our guests didn’t bat an eye when the storms came in. They just put on their rain gear and headed to the beach.

I’m sure it didn’t hurt that they had a nice hot tub to come home to in these evenings, and one of the cabins had a fireplace to kick back in front of. Even when the storms knock out the power lines, they just look at it as part of the adventure. The point is: Washingtonians LOVE Ocean Shores, no matter what the season brings, whether it’s wind and rain, or sun and surf.

Right now, we’re getting more sun and surf. If the fog and grayness are getting to you inland folks, check out the 10-day forecast, pack up the kids and the dog and head to the beach! Moss Landing is waiting for you!

About mosslandingoceanshores

Several years ago, we were fortunate enough to discover Ocean Shores and purchased a piece of property near the ocean at the southern tip of the Ocean Shores peninsula. We decided EVERYONE should experience the beauty of Ocean Shores firsthand, so we built two log cabins, fixed them up with everything you need to REALLY enjoy your vacation, and now they're available as vacation rentals for a private getaway or for a family reunion. We now live in Ocean Shores, and we couldn't be happier.
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