Thank You for a Fabulous Summer at Moss Landing Cabins

Now that I can catch my breath, I want to send out a resounding “THANK YOU!” to all of our guests that have made this such a wonderful summer.  Tom and I (very nervously) took over the management of Moss Landing last winter.  We moved into one of the cabins and made some decisions.  Even though we had never done anything like this before, we figured we couldn’t go wrong if we followed the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…………  We thought about what we would want if we were in YOUR shoes.

Here are our conclusions:

1.  It’s good to have (and be) a manager or owner on-site.  We’ve been fortunate enough to get to know some of our guests, to share stories, campfires, and crab pots!  We even had some guests flying remote control planes out in the street by the cabins.  At night, the planes were lit up like Christmas trees.  We had so much fun together that they came back and flew their planes here with us even though we didn’t have a cabin available that weekend.  They stayed somewhere else and came to visit.

2.  Most People are Good and Trustworthy.  After reviewing all the fees being charged in addition to the rent and taxes, we decided our guests should get a fair shake.  Most people don’t break things and not tell you.  Most people take good care of their pets.  Most people don’t leave the cabins overly dirty.  So we did away with the cleaning fees, eliminated “pet rent,” and decided not to require a damage deposit or damage insurance.  Just making those changes saves almost enough to pay for an extra night of vacation!

3.  Hospitality Matters.  Tom and I strive to be good hosts.  We make it a point to contact our guests the night before they travel to make sure they have all the information they need, and to let them know we haven’t forgotten them.  We are here when our guests arrive, and we greet them, give them their keys, show them around, and just make sure they know we are here if anything is needed.  And then we disappear!  (Into our cabin, of course — we DO live here too!)

4.  Cleanliness, Beauty, Comfort.  No matter what your budget is, when you go on vacation, it should be a treat.  And your vacation home should be CLEAN.  You should never have to worry about smelly rooms, dirty bathrooms, or uncomfortable beds.  When we furnished our cabins, my number one priority was comfortable beds with lots of pillows.  Much of the artwork and decor that we used in our cabins came from our own home.  We never wanted our cabins to feel like motel rooms.  And according to our reviews, they don’t!

5.  Pets are Family Members.  We don’t charge extra for kids, so why should we charge extra for pets?  When I grew up, our pets were outside, usually sleeping in a box on the porch, or if it really got cold, we let them into the basement.  Today, most people (us included) feel like our pets are members of the family.  We wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without our 100-pound English Lab, Juneau.  So we don’t expect our guests to leave their pets home unless they want to.

So with those decisions made, we went to work to make Moss Landing Cabins even more beautiful and hospitable.  And we have been busy.  And our guests have been wonderful.  Truly, we get the nicest people here at our cabins.  All summer, our cabins have been full, and we’re hearing that many plan to come back in the winter time and enjoy the storms.

Tom and I simply want to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all of our guests who have made this such a special and wonderful summer.

About mosslandingoceanshores

Several years ago, we were fortunate enough to discover Ocean Shores and purchased a piece of property near the ocean at the southern tip of the Ocean Shores peninsula. We decided EVERYONE should experience the beauty of Ocean Shores firsthand, so we built two log cabins, fixed them up with everything you need to REALLY enjoy your vacation, and now they're available as vacation rentals for a private getaway or for a family reunion. We now live in Ocean Shores, and we couldn't be happier.
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