Publish Your Ocean Shores Vacation!

Old DockThe vacation’s over, the bags are unpacked, the camera with all your fabulous vacation pics is up on the shelf.  Feeling a little let down?  A little post-vacation blues?  Never fear, we’ve found a way to extend the fun and even to share it with your friends!

Whether you spent a couple of nights at Moss Landing, or you were lucky enough to have a whole week, I bet you got some great pictures, had some adventures, and took home a few nice memories.  Rather than just putting it all behind you and getting back to the daily grind, why not take a few minutes, put fingers to keyboard, and write something amazing about your time in Ocean Shores?  Why not attach a few pictures, think of a creative name for your own personal vacation story, and email it to the Mosses???

We would LOVE to publish your vacation story on our blog.  If you’re not really much of a writer, that’s okay too, because I’m a pretty good editor.  Just send me your draft (up to 500 words – more or less) and up to 4 pictures, and within a few days – voila!  YOU ARE PUBLISHED!

The rules are simple:

1.  You have to have stayed at Moss Landing in Ocean Shores (you’d think that’s a no-brainer, but still….)

2.  You add a statement to your email giving me the right to correct typos and publish your story and photographs on this blog. 

3.  You shoot off your email to me with your story and photos to:

Now when you brag to your friends about what a cool place you found to vacation – you can show them the proof!  Just send them the link.  Who knows, after you do a little writing, you might be inspired to start your own blog!  The next Mark Twain????

Happy Trails!

About mosslandingoceanshores

Several years ago, we were fortunate enough to discover Ocean Shores and purchased a piece of property near the ocean at the southern tip of the Ocean Shores peninsula. We decided EVERYONE should experience the beauty of Ocean Shores firsthand, so we built two log cabins, fixed them up with everything you need to REALLY enjoy your vacation, and now they're available as vacation rentals for a private getaway or for a family reunion. We now live in Ocean Shores, and we couldn't be happier.
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