Have an Awesome New Website!

Yes, it’s true that I’ve been very neglectful about keeping up this blog. But the good news is that I have FINALLY managed to set up an excellent new website that links to calendars and is definitely kept current as far as availability.

Check out our NEW SITE . I think you’ll like it!

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Sunshine at the Beach

Summer is in bloom, even at the beach!

Walks on the beach, puffy clouds, flowers, and tiny baby deer.  It’s time to head to the beach!

Even with the wet winters we have here in Ocean Shores, our guests just keep coming back.  Washingtonians are the toughest people I have ever met. One year, I saw kids hunting Easter eggs in wind and rain that caused me to go into hiding.  Even with the storms and clouds, our guests had glowing reports of their time in our cabins

I’m sure it didn’t hurt that they had a nice hot tub to come home to in these evenings, and one of the cabins had a fireplace to kick back in front of. Even when the storms knock out the power lines, they just look at it as part of the adventure. The point is: Washingtonians LOVE Ocean Shores, no matter what the season brings, whether it’s wind and rain, or sun and surf.

Right now, we’re at the beginning of a summer that is shaping up to include LOTS of sun and surf, so if you’re craving a little beach time, pack up your family and come on out to Moss Landing!

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Snowy Owls Meet Moss Landing Guests in Ocean Shores

Snowy Owl Takes Flight

Snowy Owl Taking Flight

Moss Landing Cabins guests, Trish and Tammy, took this amazing photograph on their beach walk out to Damon Point the first week in February. Everyone knows that Ocean Shores is known for its amazing wildlife, but this photo just took my breath away.

The Snowy Owls will probably be gone sometime in April, so if you want to try your luck at photographing these beautiful creatures, you should make your vacation plans sooner rather than later. Just be careful to show them the respect and consideration they deserve and don’t let your dogs or kids get close or scare them. They are nesting and their habitat is fragile.

I’ve lived here full time for less than two years, and I’m constantly amazed at the different ways beauty shows its lovely face here.

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Sunshine at the Beach


No, that’s not a misprint. Sunshine…Ocean Shores…wintertime. Believe it or not, Ocean Shores has been enjoying a fabulously sunny winter.

Last year, I was desperately seeking sunshine and even had my doubts about the decision Tom and I had made to move into one of our vacation cabins and manage the others.

When I was trying to keep my cleaning supplies and sheets and towels dry while braving the rain and wind to get the cabins ready for guests, I wasn’t sure ANYONE would want to come to Ocean Shores in the winter.

But come they did! I saw kids hunting Easter Eggs in a storm that I thought would have blown them right over. Our guests didn’t bat an eye when the storms came in. They just put on their rain gear and headed to the beach.

I’m sure it didn’t hurt that they had a nice hot tub to come home to in these evenings, and one of the cabins had a fireplace to kick back in front of. Even when the storms knock out the power lines, they just look at it as part of the adventure. The point is: Washingtonians LOVE Ocean Shores, no matter what the season brings, whether it’s wind and rain, or sun and surf.

Right now, we’re getting more sun and surf. If the fog and grayness are getting to you inland folks, check out the 10-day forecast, pack up the kids and the dog and head to the beach! Moss Landing is waiting for you!

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Captain’s Quarters

Captain's Quarters

The secret is out! Moss Landing’s newest vacation cabin has quickly become very popular for couples who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or just want to escape to the beach. At $100 to $125 per night, still the best deal in Ocean Shores.

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The Bucks Stop Here!

The Bucks Stop Here!

Ocean Shores is known as a wildlife preserve, but did you know they also do photo ops? Four buck, two spike and two with beautiful racks posed for a multitude of photos right in the back yard of Moss Landing Cabins.

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Thank You for a Fabulous Summer at Moss Landing Cabins

Now that I can catch my breath, I want to send out a resounding “THANK YOU!” to all of our guests that have made this such a wonderful summer.  Tom and I (very nervously) took over the management of Moss Landing last winter.  We moved into one of the cabins and made some decisions.  Even though we had never done anything like this before, we figured we couldn’t go wrong if we followed the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others…………  We thought about what we would want if we were in YOUR shoes.

Here are our conclusions:

1.  It’s good to have (and be) a manager or owner on-site.  We’ve been fortunate enough to get to know some of our guests, to share stories, campfires, and crab pots!  We even had some guests flying remote control planes out in the street by the cabins.  At night, the planes were lit up like Christmas trees.  We had so much fun together that they came back and flew their planes here with us even though we didn’t have a cabin available that weekend.  They stayed somewhere else and came to visit.

2.  Most People are Good and Trustworthy.  After reviewing all the fees being charged in addition to the rent and taxes, we decided our guests should get a fair shake.  Most people don’t break things and not tell you.  Most people take good care of their pets.  Most people don’t leave the cabins overly dirty.  So we did away with the cleaning fees, eliminated “pet rent,” and decided not to require a damage deposit or damage insurance.  Just making those changes saves almost enough to pay for an extra night of vacation!

3.  Hospitality Matters.  Tom and I strive to be good hosts.  We make it a point to contact our guests the night before they travel to make sure they have all the information they need, and to let them know we haven’t forgotten them.  We are here when our guests arrive, and we greet them, give them their keys, show them around, and just make sure they know we are here if anything is needed.  And then we disappear!  (Into our cabin, of course — we DO live here too!)

4.  Cleanliness, Beauty, Comfort.  No matter what your budget is, when you go on vacation, it should be a treat.  And your vacation home should be CLEAN.  You should never have to worry about smelly rooms, dirty bathrooms, or uncomfortable beds.  When we furnished our cabins, my number one priority was comfortable beds with lots of pillows.  Much of the artwork and decor that we used in our cabins came from our own home.  We never wanted our cabins to feel like motel rooms.  And according to our reviews, they don’t!

5.  Pets are Family Members.  We don’t charge extra for kids, so why should we charge extra for pets?  When I grew up, our pets were outside, usually sleeping in a box on the porch, or if it really got cold, we let them into the basement.  Today, most people (us included) feel like our pets are members of the family.  We wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without our 100-pound English Lab, Juneau.  So we don’t expect our guests to leave their pets home unless they want to.

So with those decisions made, we went to work to make Moss Landing Cabins even more beautiful and hospitable.  And we have been busy.  And our guests have been wonderful.  Truly, we get the nicest people here at our cabins.  All summer, our cabins have been full, and we’re hearing that many plan to come back in the winter time and enjoy the storms.

Tom and I simply want to extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all of our guests who have made this such a special and wonderful summer.

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Ocean Shores has a New Cabin at Moss Landing!

Our Ocean Shores adventure continues as the Moss Landing Cabins project expands.  First there was “Ship’s Quarters,” which was insanely popular.  The next year we added “Wind Dancer” and it was snapped right up on a very regular basis (thank all of you very much!) and now …. TA DA!  we  have just completed a new cabin called “Captain’s Quarters.”

100_5302This little gem was ready for vacationers on March 15th, and it’s been busy ever since!  Captain’s Quarters is a smaller cabin, intended for a more “intimate” stay, but it still has everything you need for a fabulous few days in Ocean Shores.  Probably the coolest feature is the built-in captain’s bed which fits into an alcove in the corner of the cabin.  A mural of a tall-mast sailing ship under sail is set into the wall above the bed, making it look like you’re viewing the ocean from a window in the Captain’s Quarters.  If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Ocean Shores, this is it!

Make your reservations to “set sail” and stay in Captain’s Quarters!  Go to www.vrbo.com/464731 .  If you prefer, you can email us at mosslandingoceanshores@hotmail.com or call us at 360-591-4049.

Bon Voyage!

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Ocean Shores Events – What’s Happenin’

Ocean Shores has the BEST sunsets!

Ocean Shores has the BEST sunsets!

Ocean Shores might be a small town, but we take our festivals VERY seriously! Here’s a list of some “seriously fun” things to keep in mind when you’re scheduling your next vacation. Our town gets PACKED for these events, so reserve your cabin as early as you can to make sure you have THE BEST place to stay!

Here’s the line-up for the next 6 months of the “major” events, although any weekend is a good weekend when you’re at the beach!  Brings the kids, the pets, maybe a couple of friends, and DO OCEAN SHORES!

February 9 thru 10 Antique and Collectible Show: show offers seminars, expert evaluations and over 80 booths of antiques and collectibles.

March 2 thru 3Beachcombers Fun Fair: event features exhibits, seminars, information booths, and vendors Saturday and Sunday. Children activities Saturday morning, plus beach walks and the Dash for Trash and Treasure Sunday morning round out the weekend. Fun for the whole family!

March 23 thru 24Razor Clam Festival: Top chefs from area restaurants bring their best clam chowder and entrees for a chance at ‘The Best of the North Beach’. Enjoy vendors and food booths, music and much more.

April 19 thru 21Fine Arts, Photo & Electronics Show: Artists and photographers from all over the United States enter this show to win prizes and display their unique photos and works of art.

April 26  thru 28Spring Fling Arts & Crafts Show:  Artists and Craftsmen from all over display their talents in this annual gala that alway draws huge crowds

May 25 thru 26 Grays Harbor County Expo: featuring the Grays Harbor Home Show, the Oceans of Fine Arts Expo, Roadside Chain Saw Carving, Hot Rod and Classic Car Expo and more.

June 1 thru 2Festival of Colors (kite flying): Cutting Edge Kites, home of the two-time world champion stunt kite flying team, will sponsor the event. Come fly a kite or enjoy the antics of colorful kites handled by skilled kite fliers.

June 8Flag Day Parade: Honor our nation’s flag with an old fashioned parade. Over 50 entrants parade through the streets of downtown Ocean Shores.

June 21 thru 23Five Star Dealerships Sand & Sawdust Festival: Master woodcarvers from all over the world come to compete in this 3-day competition. Auctions held daily. On Saturday, visit the beach where artists compete for the best sand sculpture. Families & kids welcome to enter the competition.

The waves are crashing, your hot tub’s ready…your cabin awaits!

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Clear Weather Forecasted – for a few days at least!

Rainbow in Ocean Shores

Rainbow in Ocean Shores

While Ocean Shores is known and loved for winter stormwatching, it’s absolutely AMAZING when the sun comes out.  The first week of January is being forecasted as clear.  WooHoo!  Check out the rainbow we photographed from the porch of one of the cabins!  Time to hit the beaches and perhaps go in search of those huge owls out on the jetty that have been making the news.  Bring your special someone, your favorite comfort food, and a bottle of wine (or two!) and cozy up by the fire or enjoy your own private hot tub on the porch.  Pop come popcorn and climb up into the loft.  Plug in your favorite DVD and have your own movie night with the big screen.

If you’re interested in a little nightlife, try Galway Bay Irish Pub, on the left right as you come in the gate of Ocean Shores.  Not only do they have great food, but they have live music every weekend, and there’s no cover charge!  Can’t beat that!

Check back soon to see the progress we’re making on the two cottages we’re adding.  Pretty soon, you’ll be able to reserve all the cabins you need for a family reunion or a SERIOUS girls’ weekend.  Or a fishing or clamming expedition.  Or anything you want!

Whatever you want to do in Ocean Shores, Moss Landing is the place to stay!

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